Saturday, April 20, 2013

I don’t get it. I just don’t. What could possibly be the reason for this? Hurting a child, who is probably not even aware of how is she different from the one who did that to her. A child! What do you do in such a case? What do you talk about? Patriarchy? That cannot lead to this. Progressive attitude of the girl? Revealing clothes? Daring to walk alone? WHAT? What could one possibly attribute this to?

Deranged minds? Psychological disorders? There are a bit too many cases like these to shrug them off giving these reasons.

Solution? Gender sensitization? How the hell does that sensitize people to not rape a child? Girl, OR a boy? A child for god’s sake!

If I ever decide to have a kid, I don’t think I will have the courage to bring a girl into this world. What could possibly justify bringing a being into this world only to be harassed or molested or raped or murdered at some point in her life? How will I let her play outside with her friends? How will I trust her to a relative? How will I keep her safe? How will I let her be?


Shalu said...

The child is merely a toy and not human to such monsters to satiate themselves. And there is complete death of their conscience. They aren't human any more... So no human reason for such acts can exist.

Prachi said...

That makes you so helpless does not it? There are the reasons like 'Men will be men' and that-they-have-too-much-testosterone to control themselves. But sex is supposed to be about pleasure! How can this act be about that!? What act of dominance/control is this!?

anonymous00 said...

It was found in a notorious case that the rapist made his victim hold a mirror against her face while he raped her. This he said he did because as a child he had developed adoration for a dicovery channel clip in which he saw the helpless expressions of a deer which was attacked from behind by the predator. He wanted to see the same expression on his prey and feel what it was like to be a lion
No human behavior has a single causal relationship. Why do men rape? They have too much testosterone. May be..
Dear Prachi, let me tell you one observation of mine, which might help you understand why men rape..

There is no unique genetic coding in rapists and in many instances the victim and the rapist knew each other , so in a large number of cases it is a well planned and executed crime and not a spontaneous act due to some sudden burst of testosterone or id impulses. So why it happens...
Imagine a young boy... darling of his mother and his sisters.. a hero their savior on whom the Gods themselves shower flowers. He is expected to be someone who will give them an identity and happiness. This adoration and unrealistic expectations can lead to setting up of unrealistic goals and seeing oneself as a looser and failure in life. After all the boy who has grown up feeding on bollywood flicks where the angry, tapori hero is able to woo 'a cola bottle shaped' actress and have fun with her, is actually a tiny speck of ordinariness who has no control over his life. The one who was raised to believe that he will tame becomes a dog in the real world. He obviously can not digest the fact that he has been a looser. So he tries to hate everyone whom he thinks has got everything he wanted. His heart burns when he sees a young couple in love. He beats and rapes his wife when in truth he hates her face and she is simply a piece of meat of last resort. . So dear, deciding not to have a girl child is a very unhealthy and immature thought. Instead teach people that it is ok being nobody, the success or failure of a person are not very rigid definitions.

anonymous00 said...

In short: A person who has no control over his own life.. tries to take control over body of someone else..