Monday, January 26, 2009

A Day To Remember...

Finally! I have started to blog! Now don't start wondering as to why suddenly I decided to! The best and honest reason I have to offer(if I have to that is…) is that I have nothing better to do currently!
And today was the classic example of a day spent doing nothing!
With morning spent in doing NOTHING bloggable(the word has appeared three times already! Situation is really bad…), we decided to go to Solani at 4 P.M. As is expected, we set off half an hour late not because of the usual 'Girls take time!' reason but simply because, let's say, we couldn't help it.
Come to think of it, 'Girls take time' isn't that far from truth either. One of us after dressing up once decided she was TOO dressed up for a trip to Solani so changed overall!
(No prizes for guessing who she is…)
Anyways, we five took off and one of us ditched the rest because of some prior, more tempting and enjoyable commitments( no pun intended). We four, some not-so-uncommon comments and looks later, reached the favourite but not very frequented 'Hang-Out'( reminds me inevitably of its Hindi version!).
The place was surprisingly teeming with people from campus(unfortunately) and localities. Then I remembered it was a Sunday.
We straightaway made to the Made In Roorkee and stationary Titanic hull and as I had promised my Dad on phone took some photographs!(I am too ashamed to admit that we are obsessed with ourselves though the NSP we gave to the people around did embarrass me!)
We proceeded to sit on the stairs and got pretty comfortable after we got used to craned necks(How I wished they would snap!) and took many more photographs(Yes…maybe we are narcissists…though our explanation for the same is that we want to preserve the memories.).
We were slowly warming up to the place and long before were merrily singing away the advertisement jingles. I discovered the uniqueness and difficulty of singing the whole song on One scale!
As it should be done, aggravating though it is, we made our way back to the campus before it got dark followed by a group of our ardent admirers! By then, I was back in my elements and commented "H!@$@%$#$@! ki koi limit nai hai na?". "Haan bahut !@##%% hain hum" was the reply. They did not follow after that which would have been because we were in the market or because they were simply bored but I would like to believe that my comment did it!
On the way back we discussed nick names for ourselves for me to put in my blog. We decided on cartoon characters but all names that came up were either the irritating ones or the drop dead beauties!
"Where Do We Fit In?!" An agonized me asks!
"We Are IITians!" Pat comes the reply as we made our way through the butter rotis at Pandit Ji.
And that reminds me…I want the explanation for the insistence to name me
Dee Dee, Margaret(Dennis D Menace), Harriet(Small Wonder) or Mrs.Weasely(!!!)
I will get back at you guys! As you very well know!
Mulla ki daud masjid tak .We were back in campus and another of us left to fulfill her sectiondharm to CCD.
That left the three of us. It was 8:30 and we were spread out on a bench(or whatever that is called) in Nesci. Coffee cups in our hands and saying…NOTHING!
I was sitting with my friend more closely huddled than the couple directly in our line of sight. She suddenly comes up with the idea of singing SAD songs! Never could have she chosen a more apt time! All I need now are SAD SONGS! Still, I responded well to the wish and came up with the choicest sad songs all of which I surprisingly(or disturbingly) remembered too well!(That proves it! I am A Brooder by nature…though the songs were good ones.)
And we did not care for any one who cared enough to listen to us.
I realized how well has our friendship developed during the last 3 semesters. We weren't saying anything but sitting there quietly and just being with each other was as soothing and calming as a full fledged bakar.
Oh! Talking is fun! But I experienced the sheer pleasure of a silent conversation.
At 9:30 we were back in hostel as the rest two had some sectionyaap to do and the velli me sat down to pen down(rather type) all of this.
I have no reason to give for why I chose this particular day to start off with apart from my wish to remember it!

P.S. I haven't used any names because I am in the process of inventing the nicknames.
For too many brackets and exclamation marks…I actually think like that!(see?)
Too long post…Thank You for reading it and I will try to be short in future.
And… I know I am Weird.
Thank You for giving me a fair chance( to all the great future bloggers!)